Calendar 2012

23 August
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Nedelkovska (oboe) Sacchi (harp)

25 August
Ascension Church, Cadenabbia
Sara Calvanelli (accordion)

30 August
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Trio Broz (violin, alto, cello)

1 September
Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio
Alessandra Ammara (piano)

6 September
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Vadim Tchijik (violin) Fabrice Loyal (cello)

8 September
Ascension Church, Cadenabbia
Barbetti (alto) Cuoghi (guitar)

11 September
Grand Hotel Victoria, Menaggio
Floraleda Sacchi (harp)

12 September
Villa Geno, Como
Anna Dari (piano)

19 September
Villa Geno, Como
Rodolfo Matulich (piano)

26 September
Villa Geno, Como
Aletheia Duo (Jonathan Keeble and Ann Yeung)

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8 September, 21:00
Anglican Church of the Ascension, Cadenabbia

Maurizio Barbetti (alto), Francesco Cuoghi (guitar)

Concert's Location General Information

Terry Riley (1935): In C (1964)
John Cage (1912-1992): da 44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776
Harmony 18 (OId North Wiltiam Billings)
Harmony 21 (Fleath Winiam Billings)
Harmony 11 (Wheeler's Point William Billings)
Harmony 14 (Brunswick James Lyon)

Francis Poulanc: Sarabande (1961) for Guitar
Manuel de Falla: Homenaje pour Le tombeau de Claude Debussy (1920) for Guitar
Gian Francesco Malipiero: Preludio (1958) for Guitar
Arvo Pärt (1935): Spiegel im spiegel (1978)
Tona Scherchen (1938): Lien for Alto(1973)
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992): Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas (1965-70)
Primavera Porteña, Verano Porteño, Otoño Porteño, Inverno Porteño

Maurizio Barbetti (alto)

Maurizio Barbetti attended advanced training courses with Aldo Bennici and studied in Darmstadt with Stefan Gheorghiu and Irvine Arditti, who awarded him the International Darmstadt Prize in 1992. That year he also won the "Iannis Xenakis International Prize for Interpretation" in Paris.

Since 1992 he has performed as a soloist in the most important concert halls and radios of the world, including the Berlin Radio (playing Stockhausen's Mixtur in the presence of the composer), as well as for Austrian, German, French, Swiss, English, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Mexican and Rumanian radio and television broadcasting.

He has been a soloist with prestigious ensembles including Ensemble Köln (where he was principal viola from 1992 to 1996), Ensemble Recherche, Concorde Ensemble Dublin, Icarus Ensemble, Monesis Ensemble, Roma Sinfonietta and with important orchestras like Orchestre de l'Opéra de Nice, RTE Dublin Concert Orchestra; Orchestra Internazionale d'Italia, and the Euroasian Philharmonic Orchestra of Seoul.

He performed the Irish premiere of Berio's Chemins II for viola and orchestra with the Radiotelevision Concert Orchestra of Dublin conducted by Friedrich Goldmann. His vast repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary composers, with a specialty in "new" music.

Many composers have dedicated works to him, including Luis de Pablo and Ennio Morricone, recording the world premiere of Morricone's Viola concerto, and de Pablo's Anatomias. He also collaborates with the "Living Theater" of New York.

Barbetti has given master classes in important institutions worldwide, and has recorded on the Col Legno, Mode, Stradivarius and Subrosa labels.

Francesco Cuoghi (Guitar)

Francesco Cuoghi, degree at Conservatoire S.Pietro a Majella of Naples.
Participating at specialization courses at : the Academy of Siena, the Atelier de Recherche Instrumetale of IRCAM in Paris, the Ferienkurse in Darmstadt.
- studies in composition with Carlo Bellandi and Aldo Clementi;
- studies in electronic music (Max/MSP) at Ottava of Rome.
- Since 1984 teaches guitar at the department of Conservatory of Pesaro, from 2007 till present teaches guitar at the Conservatory of Florence.
- playes early instruments and modern instruments: ten guitar strings, electric guitar, midi guitar.
- Since 1985 plays with live electronics and devices electroacustic.
- Uses special software dedicated : Max5, Csound, Native Instruments, etc. with the new generation of microprocessor
- playes as solist and also as cammer formations.
- played in Italy and Europe in events as: Festival delle Accademie Estere (Roma), Fabrikomposition (Zurigo), Concert de Ville (Ginevra), La chiesa di Vivaldi a Venezia (Venezia), Contemporanea-Musica nel nostro tempo (Teramo), ecc.
- many activities with contemporary music and ensemble: Ex Novo Ensemble (Venice), Gruppo di Roma (direttore G.Sinopoli). Took first performance of : ….
- In 1986 founded Ass.musc. orphee of Pesaro to promote research of plucked instruments (guitar, harp, harpsichord, lute) and it is art director of Ensemble Orphée. withine the association, made activity with Seminar and materclass (Gradara, Orta S.Giulio), seminar of: etc
- Written various composition for guitar and instrument electron etc. From music of Seicento, as well as played repertoire with early instruments, and made a Seminario of Pesaro to 1995 on baroque guitar.

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