Calendar 2012

23 August
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Nedelkovska (oboe) Sacchi (harp)

25 August
Ascension Church, Cadenabbia
Sara Calvanelli (accordion)

30 August
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Trio Broz (violin, alto, cello)

1 September
Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio
Alessandra Ammara (piano)

6 September
Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Vadim Tchijik (violin) Fabrice Loyal (cello)

8 September
Ascension Church, Cadenabbia
Barbetti (alto) Cuoghi (guitar)

11 September
Grand Hotel Victoria, Menaggio
Floraleda Sacchi (harp)

12 September
Villa Geno, Como
Anna Dari (piano)

19 September
Villa Geno, Como
Rodolfo Matulich (piano)

26 September
Villa Geno, Como
Aletheia Duo (Jonathan Keeble and Ann Yeung)

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2012 is a year of rebirth and renewal for LakeComo Festival. Our calendar expanded again to 10 concerts covering also the city of Como in September with a new location: Villa Geno.
No longer just concerts in the central part of Lake Como, but also a place in townwith a magical atmosphere that takes us outside the city.

The season has also a new internal structure as requested by the audience following us since years:
Thursday's concerts will take place at Villa Cipressi (Varenna), Saturday's concerts in Menaggio and Cadenabbia (Villa Vigoni, Anglican Church of the Ascension, Grand Hotel Victoria) and Wednesdays' ones in Como (Villa Geno).

In the depressing scenarios that the news today gives us, we believe there must be trust, resourcefulness and hope. In addition to concerts you can book dinners at Villa Cipressi and the possibility of an aperitif or after dinner at Villa Geno. In the moments of crisis we help to give you also good memories.

As always our concerts alternate classical repertoire to new music, original composers and performers or those who combine in them both elements. There will tributes to Debussy, but also to John Cage and Piazzolla and many pieces in première performed by friends of the festival, new entries and young talenst.

This year the tickets of LakeComo Festival - which is supported by tickets and other cultural activities by Amadeus Arte, but without government grants - can be booked in advance internationally through the network VivaTicket. We also created three kinds of tickets: the 'single', the 'couple' (paying less) and the free entrance for the blind people and young people up to 18 years who will learn, hopefully, to love all genre of music.

We are more alive and full of passion than ever and we look forward to meet you at LakeComo Festival!

Floraleda Sacchi
Artistic director of LakeComo Festival


23 August - Villa Cipressi, Varenna, 9.00 pm
Gordana Josifova-Nedelkovska (oboe) Floraleda Sacchi (arpa)
Musiche di: Telemann, Bach, Marcello, Albinoni, Fauré, Saint.-Saens, Ravel, Morricone

25 August - Ascension Church, Cadenabbia, 9.00 pm
Sara Calvanelli (fisarmonica)

Musiche di: Sweelink, Kalaniemi, Scappini, Shostakovic, Lundquist, Nyman, Corea, Sollima

30 August - Villa Cipressi, Varenna, 9.00 pm
Trio Broz (Barbara Broz - violino, Giada Broz - violino e viola, Klaus Broz - violoncello)
Musiche di: Bacalov, Mozart, Morricone

1 September - Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio, 9.00 pm
Alessandra Ammara (pianoforte)
Musiche di: Debussy, Ravel

6 September - Villa Cipressi, Varenna, 9.00 pm
Vadim Tchijik (violino) Fabrice Loyal (violoncello)
Musiche di: Bach, ravel, Mozart, Handel-Halvorsen

8 September - Ascension Church, Cadenabbia, 9.00 pm
Maurizio Barbetti (viola), Francesco Cuoghi (chitarra)
Musiche di: Riley, Cage, Poulenc, de Falla, Malipiero, Pärt, Scherchen, Piazzolla

11 September - Grand Hotel Victoria, Menaggio, 9.00 pm
Floraleda Sacchi (arpa)
Musiche di: Machajdik, Garella, Piazzolla, Montero, Cage, Glass

12 September - Villa Geno, Como, 8.00 pm
Anna Dari (pianoforte)
Musiche di Anna Dari

19 September - Villa Geno, Como, 8.00 pm
Rodolfo Matulich (pianoforte)
Musiche di Rodolfo Matulich, Lennon/Mc Cartney, JS Bach

26 September - Villa Geno, Como, 8.00 pm
Aletheia Duo (Jonathan Keeble e Ann Yeung)
Musiche di: Sung, Rochester Youn, Taylor, McDonald/Rollo, Grandjany, Piazzolla



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