Calendar 2007

31 July, Harp & Piano, Varenna

10 August, Violin & Organ, Varenna

17 August, Soprano & Guitar, Varenna

22 August, Soprano & Piano, Tremezzo

24 August, Countertenor & Harpsichord, Menaggio

31 August, Harp, Bellagio

August 31, 2007, 5.00 p.m.
Villa Melzi, Bellagio

Floraleda Sacchi (harp)


“simplicity of the shape does not mean simplicity of the experience necessarily” (Robert Morris)

Lou Harrison (1917-2003):Two Indian dances, per arpa e sonagliere (Jahla, Avalokiteshvara) (1975)
John Cage (1912-1992): Two pieces for prepared harp (A room, In a Landscape) (1938-42)
Philip Glass (1937):Metamorphosis 1-3 (Moderate, Flowing, Moderately fast) (1988)
David C. Little (1956): Specifications (Misterioso, ma preciso; Risoluto) (2000) (dedicated to F. Sacchi)
Arvo Pärt (1935-): Pari intervallo (1978)
György Ligeti (1923-2006): Musica ricercata (Sostenuto; Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale; Tempo di Valse) (1953)
Peter Machajdik (1960): Nell’autunno del suo abbraccio insonne (2004) (dedicated to F. Sacchi)
Michael Nyman (1944): The Morrow, Jack (1997-2005)



Floraleda Sacchi
studied harp at Como Conservatory, where she obtained the concert diploma in 1997. For her musical studies, she was awarded two scholarships, making it possible for her to attend masterclass with Alice Giles ( Frankfurt a/M). Later she studied in the USA with Alice Chalifoux ( Salzedo School ) and in Canada with Judy Loman (Toronto University ). She is laureate in chamber music at Milan Conservatory.
From 1996 up today, she won prizes at 16 international competitions as soloist as well as in chamber music ensemble ( Concours UFAM, GMI, Premio Galbiati, TIM, Rovere d’oro, Premio Jupiter, Concorso Musicale Italiano, F. Schubert, etc.). In March 2003 she was the only European finalist selected to participate to Sinfonia Toronto Concerto Competition, performing at Glenn Gould Studio (CBC) with Sinfonia Toronto (Canada).
She appeared in major halls and festivals such as Klang-Bogen Wien, Perugia Classico, Lamspringer September, etc. She was invited to represent Italian harpists at 4 th , 5 th and 6 th European Harp Symposium . She played the historical harps of Salvi Foundation ‘s collection for the first time at Salle Varèse in Lyon with great acclaim.
She worked widely in chamber music groups: with Æolian Harp Duo , flutists Claudio Ferrarini , Peter Klaus Riemer, the Arion String Quartet . With the septet Allegro Ensemble she performed in concerts arranged by Sarah Ferguson for Children in Crisis Italy . With the same group she recorded a CD distributed by Amadeus journal in 2002.
Many of her performances have been broadcast on radio and television ( RAI, RAI Educational, RSI, ORF, Mediaset, Dutch Radio, BBC, Radio France etc.).
Some composers who dedicated pieces to her are: Peter Machajdik, David Clarck Little, Dimitri Nicolau, Gianluca Cangemi, Jean Chatillon, Louis Berenguer.
She recorded 12 CDs for Philips, Stradivarius, Tactus, Aulia, Adnarim, Multimedia, CNI.
Floraleda Sacchi is Harp Professor at the Royal School of Music in Milan . Recently she gave masterclass at Accademia Europea di Musica and British Columbia University (Vancouver, Canada).
Floraleda Sacchi created several music-shows: “Women notes” (dedicated to women composers and musicians), “Ah! Laissez moi!” (dedicated to musical theatre of 18th century) and the most recent “Memories of Qwfwq” for harp, speaker and videos, supported by Milan Planetarium and inspired by Italo Calvino texts.
Parallel to music she studied languages (English, French, German) and musicology. In 1999 she wrote a book on the English harpist Elias Parish Alvars (Odilia Publishing Ltd), which received outstanding reviews and brought the authoress the HARPA AWARD in recognition (Prague , 2000). Still in the literary field, she had some of her works published by editor PulcinoElefante . Her articles appeared in several harp newspapers. Floraleda Sacchi directs the harp music series “HARPAE” by Mnemes - Alfieri & Ranieri Publishing.


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