Calendar 2007

31 July, Harp & Piano, Varenna

10 August, Violin & Organ, Varenna

17 August, Soprano & Guitar, Varenna

22 August, Soprano & Piano, Tremezzo

24 August, Countertenor & Harpsichord, Menaggio

31 August, Harp, Bellagio

August 24, 2007, 9:00 p.m.
Grand Hotel Victoria, Menaggio

Tadashi Miroku (countertenor), Silvia Rambaldi (harpsichord)


Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1555-1622): “L’innamorato”
Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643): “Se l’aura spira” e “Aria di passacaglia” (Arie musicali, Firenze. 1630)
Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677): “Che si può fare” (Arie a una voce…opera ottava. Venezia, 1664)
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757): Sonata in sol min. (Largo) e Sonata in si min. k 27 (Allegro)
Giovan Battista Bassani (1657-1716): “Vieni o bella” (L’Armonia delle Sirene. Bologna, 1680)
Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in mi bemolle magg. k 193 (Allegro) e Sonata in do min. k 73 (Allegro, Minuetto I-II)
Giovan Battista Bassani: “Se tu parti” (L’Armonia delle Sirene. Bologna, 1680)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948): “Pie Jesu” (Requiem, 1985)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) / Charles Gounod (1818-1893): Ave Maria”
Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759): “Lascia ch’io pianga” (Rinaldo)


Tadashi Miroku

The counter-tenor Tadashi Miroku holds a Masters degree from the State University of Chiba and and a graduate degree in singing from the State University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. He studied Baroque singing with Santina Tomasello, Gloria Banditelli and Christina Miatello at the Coservatorio di Verona.
In 1996 Miroku made his debut as a tenor in Rossini’s “Otello”.
However, since 1999, he has been performing as a countertenor in opera houses and concert halls in Japan and internationally ( in France, Holland, Sweden, Turky and Israel).
In Italy, Miroku has sung at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara, the Teatro Rossini in Lugo, the Teatro Nuovo in Verona and the Teatro Raffaello Sanzio in Urbino.
He has featured in recordings of Bach and Handel with the “Bach Collegium Japan”.
In 2000, Miroku was awarded 1 st prize at the audition of “L’homme armè” in Florence. He was a lecturer at the Conservatorium of Ferrara where he leads a course in Baroque singing.
He recorded for Tactus several CDs: “Madrigali diminuiti e passaggiati”, “L’Armonia delle Sirene” and “Cantate amorose” di Giovanni Battista BassaniHe is a member of the Cultural Association Bal’danza in Ferrara, Trovatori Levanti and Giardino Musicale in Japan. Since 2006 he is professor at Gakushuin univ. life-long Learning Center and at Art & Music University n Tokyo.

Silvia Rambaldi
Silvia Rambaldi is a Professor of harpsichord at the “G.B. Martini” Conservatory in Bologna. She herself attended the “G.B.Martini” conservatory and was one of Annaberta Conti’s pupils.There she got her degree with the highest honours. She also studied basso continuo with Jesper Boje Christensen. Afterwards she gave advanced classes and seminars both on harpsichord and basso continuo at Ferrara University, and at the Conservatories of Pesaro, Benevento and Ferrara, where, from 2002 until 2004, she ran a two year experimental course on Renaissance and Baroque keyboard instruments. She also lectured for musical associations in Rome, Faenza, Montevarchi, Santu Lussurgiu, and San Severino Lucano.
She is active as a soloist and performs also with other well known soloists and chamber groups,. taking part to important festivals. She played as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Slovenia, with the Bologna Baroque Ensemble, and in the theatres of Smyrna and Ancara. She perfomed as a member of a duo for two harpsichords for Musica Antigua (Palma di Mallorca). She was the harpsichordist for the Rossini Theatre of Lugo, the Baroque Festival of Viterbo and the Bologna Conservatory orchestra. She broadcasted for RAI and other networks. She is a member of the juries in national and international competitions.
For Tactus she recorded “Variationi e partite” of Bernardo Paquini, ( Schallplatten Preis 1999/1; editor’s choice, CD CLASSICA, May 1998), “ Il Libro di Fra Gioseffo da Ravenna” (Schalplatten Preis 2002/2), “Madrigali diminuiti e passaggiati tra voce e cembalo” and “L’Armonia delle Sirene”, G. B. Bassani’s loving cantatas, with Tadashi Miroku. She recorded also “Mozart’s sonatas à quattre mains” with Andreina Di Girolamo. With Tadashi Miroku she held concerts in Japan: the Tokyo Opera City and the theater of the NHK. She is also active as a musicologist, lecturing and contributing to “Quattrocento quindici”, “Hortus Musicus”, and “Arte Organaria”. She produced a modern edition of the 17th century manuscript Ravenna 545, “Il Libro di Fra Gioseffo da Ravenna”, published by the “Associazione Clavicembalistica Bolognese”. With the Bal’danza Ensemble she dedicates herself to a research work in ancient forms of dance. She gives clavichord seminars for the two and three year specialist courses at the “G.B.Martini” Conservatory and she contributes to the didactic and artistic planning of the association Bal’danza, of which she is a vice-president. With singers and researchers she performed the “Concerto segreto”, a varying formation of Luzzaschi’s music, dealing with the madrigal repertoire of the late Ferrarese Renaissance.



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