August 17th: Trio Cardoso

September 3rd: Roberto Prosseda

September 8th: Amadeus Duo

September 14th: Duo Minella

September 22nd: Rodolfo Matulich
17 August, 9 p.m.
Hotel Villa Cipressi, Varenna
Trio Cardoso:
Massimiliano De Foglio, Alessandro Giancola, Guido Ottombrino (guitars)


A. Vivaldi: Allegro dal Concerto in La minore
G. Paris: GAM.1*
A. Piazzolla: Undertango
J. Cardoso: Milonga, Tango
Padre A. Soler: Concerto n.1 in Do Maggiore
J. Guridi: Quattro Canzoni Basche
M. De Foglio: 10 e lode*
J. Cardoso: Suite dal triplo concerto per chitarre e orchestra “Mbarakapu”* (Guarania, Rasguido Doble, Tempo Primo)

* dedicated to Trio Cardoso

Massimiliano De Foglio, Alessandro Giancola, Guido Ottombrino (guitars)

The Giancola-Ottombrino Duo with over ten years' experience together, teamed up with the talent of Massimiliano De Foglio in 1995 to form the “Trio Cardoso”. There was an immediate feeling both on a human and musical level among the three musicians, which characterizes their instrumental work together and permeates their performances.

The Trio has performed in over four hundred concerts throughout the world (Spain, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Argentina, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, Norway and Paraguay) since their formation, appearing as guests in prestigious concert seasons and at the most important Guitar Festivals. Some prestigious contemporary composers (Jorge Cardoso, Carlo Crivelli and Giorgio Paris, in particular) have written original pieces specifically for the “Trio Cardoso”.

In March 1998 the Trio made their CD “Samba d'Ouro” which included the debut recording of some original pieces composed for the guitar by the world famous Argentinean guitarist and composer, Jorge Cardoso. In the year 2000 Cardoso also composed for the Trio named after him, the Triplo Concerto called “Mbarakapu” written for guitars and orchestra. The Trio recorded their second CD “Tanghi & Milonghe” which was enthusiastically received by specialist critics.

As a soloist line-up, the Trio has also taken part in the soundtrack recordings to the following films: “ La Balia ” by Marco Bellocchio, “Malefemmene” by Fabio Conversi, “Ginostra” by Manuel Pradal, “Un viaggio chiamato amore” by Michele Placido, “ La Spettatrice ” by Paolo Franchi and many others (all with music composed by Carlo Crivelli).

Alessandro Giancola and Guido Ottombrino are both qualified Guitarists from Music School as well as graduates with a Degree in Music. Massimiliano De Foglio has a Music School qualification in Guitar as well as in Composition and Orchestra Directing. They are all experts in Musical Communication and together with the stage designer Marco De Foglio they have founded the Experimental Research Workshop called “I luoghi dell'invisibile” (“The Places of the Invisible”).

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3 September: Roberto Prosseda, Grand Hotel Victoria, Menaggio

8 September: Amadeus Duo, Cappella di Villa Melzi, Bellagio

14 September: Duo Minella, Villa Monastero, Varenna

22 September: Rodolfo Matulich, Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio


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